Professional project

MWC 2019


  • Art style exploration, rapidly iterating on styles with prototypes
  • Art direction
  • All modeling, texturing and shading of the 3D assets all consistent to style and quality
  • Mobile optimization of assets
  • Animation of birds, people and flags
  • Scripting in areas of AR, 3D assets, lighting & animation state machines, with misc. fixes as well.

Every year Ericsson has a huge presence at Mobile World Congress, the biggest telecom/tech conference in europe.

For MWC 2019 my team did another take on showcasing mixed reality in an urbanisation scenario, really pushing it to the technological edge whilst still keeping an intact urbanisation focus. 5G is said to be the first ā€˜Gā€™ which focuses directly on industry application, and urbanisation is going to be an huge potential use case where 5G can be used efficiently.

We developed a two-part application, one running on the iPad and one running on the Oculus Go. The iPad application made a 2D map of a building site come to life, and could visualize different information layers on top of the existing 2D map.

It could do rudimentary wind, car and pedestrian simulation. On top of this a realistic miniature model was displayed, and different options could be chosen. This showcases how real estate developers and architects can visualize models in real time with a visual fidelity close to that of classical offline architectural rendering techniques.

The second application running on the Oculus Go teleported the visitor to the building site in Sweden, overlaying the planned building directly on top of the real world view, which was then synced to the iPad application. The visitor could see the proposed building from different views depending on the selection made on the iPad.

This showcased how it would look if the visitor instead would be there IRL, with an iPad or a pair of AR-visors being able to overlay the virtual building instead.

I was responsible for modeling all the required assets, shading and I did some scripting as well. It was a very organic project that grew during the development.

It was very well recieved and more is to come.