Professional project

Gather festival


  • Early prototypes to confirm UX flow
  • All modeling, texturing and shading of the 3D assets
  • Art direction
  • Drone photogrammetry for occlusion mesh
  • Miscellaneous scripting, in areas of animation controllers, lighting & UI
  • Creating shaders for vertex animations and game VFX

For Gather festival 2018 Ericsson presented a couple of workshops and a showcase in cooperation with UN Habitat. The showcase consisted of demonstrating the possibilities of using mixed reality in different scenarios, with a focus on placemaking and sustainable urbanisation.

The project ended up as an app where three different ‘modes’ visualised the different aspects. I was responsible for all modeling, shading and texturing for all the modes, as well as scripting parts of it.

The first mode showcased the visualisation of buildings and volumes, the second mode was a ‘classical’ mixed reality game experience where the players shot balls against a real wall. The third mode displayed relevant information to the festival visitors, such as finding the main stage and showing the way to the bar.

One of my main responsibilties was creating an occlusion mesh to make sure the real world occluded the virtual content, thus showcasing the 'mixed reality' part of it. This was done with drone photogrammetry. The conditions of the shooting day was vital to the quality of the scan. When the photos had been taken I created the mesh utilizing the open source pipeline AliceVision w/ Meshroom.

Here's some renders of the content I created as well as some small gifs showcasing the different modes.

The showcase was very successful and gained a lot of interest among visitors.