Professional project

Sustainable urbanism - continuation


  • Rapid prototyping
  • All modeling, texturing & shading
  • Meshing of point cloud for occlusion mesh, including researching and benchmarking different meshing algorithms.
  • Optimization for mobile
  • All scripting

As a continuation of a focus area Ericsson's Strategic Design group had worked on for some years, in collaboration with UN Habitat and Arup, I got tasked with exploring what rendering fidelity we could reach with todays technology.

This video is of a project the group did before I joined but I got the chance to explore the viability of mixed reality w/ realistic rendering and occlusion, utilising Unity and ARKit.

Near our office in Kista, Stockholm there was a planned building which would work perfectly as a testbed for this project. I started with modeling a game resolution version of the planned building. I grabbed as much information as I could find, and my main reference for modeling was a arch-viz render.

The model was brought into Unity and building the ARKit integration began.

Montages with screenshots from development prototyping. The prototype was refined during several months and was presented to different stakeholders. A video was produced and gained some traction.

A page on Ericsson's website was created, describing the process. It was published on twitter & facebook as well.